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Some artists worth knowing about, actively producing fabulous work:

The extraordinary and unique Peter Hammill, still making adventurous music 45 years after his first record:


One of London’s great creative talents. I discovered his first book, Bleeker Street, while browsing in the World’s End Bookshop at the top of the King’s Road when I was in Doctor Who, and I’ve been reading him ever since.


Maybe the greatest jazz pianist now playing.


One of our finest novelists:


The bard of King’s Cross, a Blakean visionary.



Survival for tribal peoples, an important organisation which has led to changes in the law.


An ideal small foundation, Lisa lives and works among the people her foundation serves.


Actor Pages:

Frazer Hines Official Website

Sophie Aldred

Terry Molloy

Katy Manning

Louise Jameson

Anneke Wills

Tom Baker

Colin Baker